Monday, April 4, 2011


My name is Melissa and I LOVE to decorate Cakes! I decided to create this cake blog "Fun With Fancy Flour" so I can get my name out there in the cake world so I can start decorating cakes for many occasions! I used to sell my cakes a while ago when I was a newly wed to keep myself from going insane when I was home alone without my hubby, but life (and babies yay!) came into the picture and I couldn't find nearly enough time to work on my cakes. But now I am back into the swing of things and want to make you your next cake!! I can do all kinds of cakes HOWEVER I am still learning A LOT about cake decorating so please as of right now... do not expect professional! Lol I am good... but  not THAT good (YET!)

Prices: My prices as of right now are based on how much I spend for the supplies of your cake as well as the time I put all together into your cake... As a mom time is gold, so you will be spending some gold for my time! haha. I will start to charge for delivery in awhile but for now please take advantage of my FREE Delivery (within the boundaries of Gilbert and Mesa AZ) Any further and I will have to charge you per mile since gas prices are ridiculous right now. Sorry for any inconvenience.
My prices of cakes could change if I feel the need to change them.

Purpose: The purpose of this blog is for me to post pictures of cakes I have done as well as the prices of the cake so if you happen to want that particular cake you will already know the price. I will also put a second price on it if you want it a different way. Say if the cake you are looking at has fondant on it and you want it with icing I will put both options out there with the price!
If you see a cake that you like but do not want the same color or theme email me and let me know what I can do for you to get the cake that you want!

Email: I now have a seperate Email for this blog so you can email me anytime with your requests... My email is

 Also let me know if there is a particular cake that you want but I have not done yet (say a square wedding cake) and you want me to do it... I will calculate the price (as best I can) and get back to you. It will help me (since I am a visual learner) to send me a picture of the cake you have in mind so I can see exactly what you want! Be specific in your emails on what you want like if you want fondant or icing, what FLAVOR of cake you want, ect... 

I promise my best work in all cakes!

Limitations: I refuse to do any naughty or questionable cakes So please don't ask.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my cake blog!  I hope we can do business soon! Have a Great day!


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