Monday, May 2, 2011

Zebra Craz Cake!

I'm not going to lie... the cake you are about to see.... is my ABSOLUTE favorite that I have made so far! I'm sure I will say that about more of my cakes but right now I dub this cake "Favorite

I made this cake for a family who was throwing a surprise birthday party for their daughter's best friend's 15th. I had the honor of making her birthday cake! The family's daughter came over and we talked cake for a bit. I showed her a fun cake that I had found while researching fun teenage cakes. The daughter fell in love with the cake I had found so we went with it but made a few tweaks. The birthday girl's favorite color was red but also liked pink. The cake I had found had just pink so I threw in a bit of red! 
I drew a rough draft of what the cake will look like and I gave it to the daughter so she could go show her family... because it was slightly difficult to explain lol 

This was the picture I drew for them....

....and this was my creation!

I changed a few things... like the size and number of argyle diamonds on the top tier... I thought it would be less busy that way so you could actually focus on something instead of having an anxiety attack from the many colors and patterns! lol It turned out GREAT!

This cake how it is in the picture starts at $85

P.s. the cake is only a 2 tier cake... the base is covered in fabric so it looks like a third tier but its not... if you would like an actual 3 tier cake then the price will be about $95-$120 depending on how much detail work you want on it as well as if you still want a base with it. Make sense?

With just icing: $75 (maybe higher because doing zebra stripes in icing will be a royal pain in the butt just letting you all know)

If you want a 3 tier with all icing then it will be about: $85-$100 again all depending on detail work.


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